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          DRC President visits pilot free trade zone in Hainan

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          DRC delegation visits Vietnam

          Long Guoqiang, Vice-President of DRC, led a delegation to Vietnam from January 15 to 19.

          DRC Vice-President meets with BHP Billiton Chief External Affairs Officer

          Wang Anshun meets with Geoff Healy, Chief External Affairs Officer of BHP Billiton Group of Australia, on January 15.

          DRC President visits pilot free trade zone in Hainan

          DRC President Li Wei visited Hainan to conduct research on the construction of the Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone on January 14.


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          Fintech Progress and Prospect for Future Development (Special Issue, No.61, 2018)

          Scientific and technological change is leading a new round of innovation and development of financial industry.


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          China Development Review

          • The articles carried in China Development Review in English are selected from the latest research findings by DRC researchers.

          Volume 19 Number 6 December 2017 >

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          The World Economy in the Era of Great Adjustment

          The Road to Innovation with Chinese Characteristics: Policy Options and Relevant Mechanisms

          Roadmap for State-owned Enterprise Reform

          Education in China from the Perspective of People’s Livelihood

          Urbanization in China: Prospects, Strategies and Policies


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